An Invitation to NationLab

by Loren Cobb, Ph.D.

We welcome you to NationLab. Our exercises and simulations are designed for executives at the very highest levels of government, to help you to visualize and anticipate the consequences of new policies and situations.

This web site documents the essential core of the NationLab perspective on the social, economic, and political dynamics of nations in the twenty-first century. We especially invite you to experiment with the live simulations that are embedded within these pages.

You can start with any top-level sector, and read these pages in any sequence. The sectors are organized from the lowest level of social analysis, population dynamics, to the highest and most complex issues of governance and national strategy.

Each sector page includes links to the quantitative evidence and data that support our analysis, supporting and alternative views and opinions, and mathematical details.

Note: this part of the NationLab website is still under construction.)


The effect of fertility and mortality on population growth and on the numbers of children and elderly.
The effect of education policy and population dynamics on education levels.
Public Health
The effect of health policy and education levels on fertility, and infant and maternal mortality.
The vicious cycle of interactions between illiteracy, corruption, organized crime, and income inequality.
The effect of socio-economic policy on labor flow between the agricultural, informal, and formal economies.
Economic Development
The effect of socio-economic policy on economic growth, inflation, and unemployment.
The effect of legal reforms on governance, corruption, and the rule of law.
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Written: 9 January 2005
Revised 11 January 2005